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Microcurrent | Spheria Holistic Healing


What is Microcurrent ?

Microcurrent acupuncture is a biotherapy in which electric current is delivered to acupuncture and trigger points. The microcurrent delivered is about 1,000 times less intense than conventional electrical stimulation, microamps versus milliamps. Microcurrent is the level of electricity commonly occurring in the human body. The devices can be used with acupuncture needles or without.The probes are generally designed to be used with precision and therefore suitable for treating acupuncture and trigger points directly on the skin.

Extremely low-intensity electrical current is applied to selected acupuncture points, and thus can be used in children or people with needle phobia. The treatment procedure is completely safe, painless, without the use of any drugs or chemicals, devoid of any side effects. The person receiving it may feel mild electric pulses stimulating the targeted points. The changes which occur in the tissues are profound and cumulative with repeated treatments.

Service Fees

Body Treatment$100
Face Treatment$150
Eye Treatment$90

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