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Injection Therapy | Spheria Holistic Healing

Injection Therapy

What is Injection Therapy ?

AcuPoint Injection therapy

AcuPoint Injection therapy is the injection of sterile substances at acupuncture points. This can have an added benefit to acupuncture, as local injection of a liquid will create a stronger stimulation and the effect will last longer, up to 48 hours, as the fluids are absorbed fluids are absorbed. The substances injected can be saline, homeopathic solutions, lidocaine, procaine, or comination of those.

Trigger Point Injection (Wet needling)

Trigger point injection therapy is injecting sterile substances into painful points, called Ashi in Chinese medicine.may be an option for treating pain in some patients. Trigger points are commonly associated with musculoskeletal pain, but can also be involved with additional conditions, such as headache and TMJ. A tight and inflamed muscle or tendon can produce pain pain.


Biopuncture is a procedure that uses homeopathic formulations (usually Heel products like Traumeel, Spascupreel or Zeel) injected into specific places in order to reduce pain and expedite the healing process. The most common locations are acupuncture points because of their documented properties for healing specific injuries. This treatment is very similar to Acupoint Injection Therapy except that it uses homeopathic preparations only.

Service Fees

Initial Consultation & Treatment (90 min)$120
Vitamin B12$25
Trigger Point Injection$120
Acupoint Injection$120

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