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Cosmetic Acupuncture | Spheria Holistic Healing

Cosmetic Acupuncture

What is Cosmetic acupuncture ?

Cosmetic acupuncture is part of facial acupuncture. Facial acupuncture is inserting acupuncture needles on the face and it can treat a variety of local skin, muscular and nerve conditions. Facial acupuncture can be used to treat conditions located on other parts of the body.

Cosmetic acupuncture is performed by inserting fine acupuncture (filiform) needles. Inserting needles through the skin stimulates a healing response by increasing blood supply to the area, thereby providing oxygen and nutrients needed. Collagen production is stimulated as well. The results are even complexion, strengthening the muscle tone and improving skin elasticity. A face lift effect is created and wrinkles diminished.

Excessive blood rush to the face is avoided by placing additional acupuncture needles on limbs and abdomen, the body, chosen according to the person’s constitution.

We follow the Mei Zen system, which includes protocols for the face, neck and abdomen.

Service Fees

Cosmetic Acupuncture$120
Short Series (5 Treatments)$500
Long Series (10 Treatments)$1,000

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